Friday, July 13, 2012

Champions League Groups Are Out

With a total of 11 teams participating, eight American, two Italian, and one Irish, the group stage of the Champions League consists of two groups, one with five teams, and one with six. The top two finishers in each group will advance to the knock out rounds of the competition.

Group A

Chelsea FC USA
Minnesota Torpedoes FC
Dallas Dragons
ASU Venom
Covington Old Boys

Group B

Greensboro Football Club
AC Bari Football Club
Irish Football Club
FC Arizona Green Snakes

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

World 67 Season 25 Champions League - Possible Formats and Invitations Are Out!

Anders Koskinen of the Dallas Dragons sent out possible formats of this season's Champions League, along with the invitations to the tournament a few minutes ago, he was kind enough to send us a copy of each, and here they are. The formats are mostly dependent on the number of teams which decide to participate, and are described in detail.


Format #1 - 2 or 4 teams (also elimination round of Format #3, and Format #2 if necessary)- Elimination bracket with two rounds, each team hosting one game of a two-game tie, with Aggregate scoring, and then Away goals as tiebreaker. Similar to the knockout rounds of the European Champions League. Since no penalty system exists in FC Dynasty currently, in the away scoring is a necessary tiebreaker, and that is tied as well, the next tiebreaker will be based on cards. The team with the least amount of cards will advance, with one red-card being equivalent to three yellow cards. If still tied after that, the tie will be replayed, that being both games, one at home for each team.

Format #2 - 3, 5, 6, or 7 teams - A simple league will be played with each team playing one game home a home and away game against each other. League sorting rules in the current system of FC Dynasty (points [obviously], then Goal differential, then goals scored) will apply, with the exception of the coin toss being removed in favor of away goals, and the card tiebreaker fromFormat #1 applied after that. If still tied after that, the remaining teams will go to either Format # 1 (if 2 teams are tied) or Format #2 again on a smaller scale (if 3 teams are tied, I can't imagine more being tied then that, but we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.

Format #3 - 8 or more teams - Here's where we get into more of an actual Champions League type of tournament. Teams will be divided into groups (8 = 4&4, 9 = 4&5, 10 = 5&5, 11 = 5&6, 12 = 4&4&4, 13 = 4&4&5, etc.). Group sorting will be the same as described in Format #2. If we have a nice number of groups like two or four, the top two will advance to to the knockout rounds described in Format #1. If we have a not so nice number of groups (3, 5, 6, etc) the clubs which did not win their group will be placed in a new group, but will not play any games. It will be similar to the wildcards of the NFL and MLB, where the best teams that did not win their group, (same league sorting rules as Format #2.

The Invites

This is your formal invite to the World 67 Season 25 Champions League. Your club has been invited to participate in the inaugural edition of this attempt at a Champions League, and we hope that you see fit to participate. Please respond to this as soon as possible with either your confirmation of participation, or a statement to decline participation

Invites must be accepted no later then one week from today at midnight (US Central) either via world/league chat in game, on the forum, or a replay site-mail. So if I get confirmation from you at 12:01 A.M. US Central on July 12, 2012, sorry too late.

The Invitees (confirmed in BOLD)

Dallas Dragons - USA - 6th Place - iamajedi1234 
Wolves - USA - 9th Place - thebeard 
Greensboro Football Club - USA - *1st Place* - ctf8407
Chelsea FC USA - USA - 2nd Place - rtalley63
AC Bari Football Club - ITA - *1st Place* - alebear
Irish Football Club - IRL - 2nd Place - flexbomb1169
Milligan - USA - 4th Place - full8032
Covington Old Boys - USA - 8th Place - kygooner
Minnesota Torpedoes FC - USA - 3rd Place - rangerscott2
FC Arizona Green Snakes - USA - 7th Place - Animal7
Jersey Shore Spinkers - USA - 5th Place - warsteiner
The Independent Irish Football Club of Galway Bay - IRL - 3rd Place - mouldy311
Royal Pythons - IRL - *1st Place* - d77force14
Giulianova Atleticho - ITA - 3rd Place - mbalestra
ASU Venom - ITA - 2nd Place - pieo

With Koskinen organizing the tournament, it's an obvious sure thing that his club would participate, and now all he can do is wait, and hope, for eager replies confirming interest, in this, yet another attempt, at a Champions League for World 67.

We're Back!!!

The football press has returned for World 67, just in time to cover another one of Dallas Dragons' owner Anders Koskinen's attempt to organize a Champions League. With the Dragons having failed to finish in the top five of the US League for the first time in over two decades, Koskinen and Dragons manager Gael Bounds are looking to rebuild, and Koskinen has harkened back to the past. This is one of several attempts at a Champions League lost in the annals of time, as each attempt has failed as a result of being marked with poor formatting, and lack of interest on behalf of the invited teams. Koskinen will once again be sending out invites to many teams in order to gather enough teams to start up the tournament, and it will all be covered here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

madpat, dennisdee, and iamajedi1234 Nominated For Coach of the Year

There are three nominees for the prestigious coach of the year award. One from every major league in the World.

From Ireland, madpat of Guinness United was nominated. madpat's club won their first Irish championship this season, defeating the four time champion South Coast United Football Club by 12 points. The club scored 202 goals and had a +180 goal differential, both of which are world records. The club went 36-1-1 (19-0-0 at home) and allowed only 22 goals. The 36 wins was a team record, as was the mere one loss and 22 goals allowed. Two time Golden Boot winner and world record holder for goals scored in a season Del Piero Esposito scored 62 goals. His total, and the total of teammate Zaccardo Manfredini at 40 finished one and two respectively on the Irish scoring charts and accounted for 50.5% of the club's goals. Between the two of them they scored seven more goals then those who finished in slots three through five, and Esposito by himself had one more goal then the men who occupied slots four and five. Midfielders Fineen Nagle and Gary Lundragon finished 12th and 16th on the scoring chart respectively. Nagle had 24 goals for the second straight season while Lundrgaon had 22 while as he reached the 20 goal mark for the first time in his young career.

In Italy dennisdee's club Brooklyn Posse ended 14 time consecutive time champions ASU Venom's reign or terror. Posse defeated Venom by two points with a record of 34-1-3 compared to Venom's 33-2-3. It was the first time since season one that someone besides Venom had claimed the Italian league title. dennisdee's team claimed the championship in season one as well. Ramzi Widdowson was the only member of the club to crack the top five scorers with 25 goals, but Pasquale Amelia finished close behind in sixth with 23 goals scored. 34 year-old high scoring defender Sheen MacGillycuddy had a career year. The $2 million a year man scored 22 goals to finish in a tie for seventh on the scoring charts.

In America iamajedi1234's Dallas Dragons claimed their fifth American league championship. The Dragons defeated the two time champion Lexington Lions by eight points on the strength of a 33-4-1 record (16-3-0 away). The Dragons scored 165 goals and allowed 31 for a goal differential of +134. The goal differential, goals scored, and loss marks were all club records. Midfielder Regan Spellacy finished third on the scoring charts with 30 goals, the fifth best in club history. Spellacy's total was also a club and world record for goals scored by a pure midfielder (one who plays only midfield throughout the season). 24 year-0ld Forward Primo Fiorillo finished in a tie for fifth place with 24 goals scored. Oddo Adani and Randal Nesbitt (the Dragons second and first all time leading scorers respectively) finished 10th and 13th. Adani had 22 goals while Nesbitt had 20.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Esposito Wins Golden Boot in Back to Back Seasons

With a final vote of four to two, Del Piero Esposito won the season 16 Golden Boot Award as the best player in the world. Esposito has won the award in each of the first two seasons of its existence. The two time winner won his first championship this season, as Guinness United won the Irish league for the first time in its eight season history. Esposito's club set a world record with 202 goals scored, and his 62 accounted for 30.7% of their scoring. It is the second straight season Esposito has scored over 60 goals. He passed both the 300 goal mark and the 350 goal mark this season. Esposito lead the Irish league, with teammate Zaccardo Manfredini coming in second with 40 goals scored.

Interview's with Esposito and madpat (manager of Guinness United) are being conducted and will uploaded upon their conclusion.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dallas Dragons Looking to Ship Grellan McAuliffe

The Dallas Dragons announced today that they would be entertaining transfer bids for midfielder Grellan McAuliffe. The 31 year-old McAuliffe has played ten seasons, four and a half with Irish FC and five and a half with the Dragons. His career totals include 80 goals scored in 318 games, and only one booking in his career. The Dragons are said to have wanted to free their financials, and disposing of McAuliffe's $1 million a year contract would certainly do that. McAuliffe has two years left on his contract and the Dragons are looking for a bid of at least $400,000, though they are willing to negotiate.

The Dragons have made some of McAuliffe's ratings available for interested parties:
Overall - 66
Strength - 72
Agility - 97
Offensive Instinct - 69
Defensive Instinct - 52
Shooting - 71
Zonal Marking - 78

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Season 16 Comes to a Close

The 16th season recently concluded for the football teams of World 67. Some records were set, some streaks were broken, and too many careers saw the curtain close early. All in all history was made in spectacular fashion this season as the new league champions were crowned.

In the American league the Dallas Dragons claimed their fifth championship with a record of 33-4-1 for 103 points, and a club record of 165 goals scored. Their 16-3-0 record away marked the first time they had gone undefeated at opposing venues, and indeed, the first time they'd gone undefeated either at home or away. In second place at eight points back with a record of 30-5-3 was the two time champion Lexington Lions, who finished in third place last year on goal differential, tying for points last season with the second place Dragons and the Season 15 champion Minnesota Torpedoes FC. The Torpedoes finished in third place this season with a record of 29-4-5, twelve points back of the Dragons, and four back of the Lions. It was the first time since season seven that the Torpedoes did not finish in either first or second place, though they handed the Dragons their only loss of the season. Chelsea FC USA finished in fourth, tying their previous best, with a record of 28-5-5, and FC Arizona Green Snakes rounded out the top five as they finished with a record of 28-4-6, only one point behind Chelsea FC. 34 year-old American forward Tomas Beteta of the Lions had a remarkable resurgence this season as he led the league in scoring with 35 goals in 29 games, one more then his previous two seasons combined, in which he played a total of 55 games. In the second slot was 31 year-old American forward Demontre Hernández who scored 33 goals in 28 games in his first season with Chelsea FC (after an eight season stint with Clay Cougars FC of Alabama USA). The third position was occupied by the only midfielder to crack the top 20. 29 year-old Irishman Regan Spellacy of the Dallas Dragons scored 30 goals while playing solely at center mid in the Dragons 4-3-3. Spellacy set a world record for goals in a season by a pure midfielder (i.e. all he played over the course of the season was midfield) and was nominated for the Golden Boot (World Player of the Year). Niall Lawlor had scored 31 in Ireland in season 14, but he was playing forward for the Dublin Pub-Stalkers as well as his traditional midfield position, and defender/midfielder Totti Gilardino had scored the same amount the year prior for the same club in a miracle season. Fourth place on the American scoring charts was claimed by the 25 year-old Argentinian wonder kid Fresco Cervantes of Minnesota. Cervantes had 26 goals in 28 games, and the third year forward has scored 20 or more goals in each of his first three seasons. Cervantes' career totals are 71 goals in 74 games. Fifth place was a tie between 34 year-old American forward Travion Pope of the Green Snakes and 24 year-old Italian forward Primo Fiorillo of the Dallas Dragons. While the players may be a decade apart in age they each netted 24 goals apiece, though Pope did it in 30 games to Fiorillo's 31.

In the Irish league Guinness United claimed their first championship in their eight season history as they steamrolled through the league with a record of 36-1-1 and 202 goals scored. This is a world record, as is their +180 goal differential. They finished 12 points above four time champions South Coast United Football Club and their 31-4-3 record and a +150 goal differential. Third place was taken by Celbridge Villa FC and was the highest finish for the club in its eleven year history. Celbridge also had its first 30 win season with a mark of 31-3-4, and its first +100 goal differential season as they scored 151 and allowed 43. In fourth place was the Irish Football Club with a mark of 30-4-4, fifteen points behind Guinness United, though Irish FC hand United its only loss of the season. Rounding out the top five was the 29-3-6 Royal Pythons, who handed United their only draw of the season. Leading the scoring charts was last year's Golden Boot winner (and one of two nominees this season) Del Piero Esposito. The 29 year-old Italian forward scored 62 goals in 37 games this season, and he continued to astound as he eclipsed both the 300 goal mark as well as the 350 goal mark. His 27 year-old teammate and countryman Zaccardo Manfredini occupied the second slot as he scored 40 goals in 30 games, he passed the 200 goal mark this season and currently sits atop a total of 230. This duo scored together over half of the Guinness United's total goals this season, and they each won the first championship ring of their careers with the club. The third and fourth positions were occupied by Francesco Ferronetti and Colton Horton, teammates at South Coast United. The 25 year-old Italian forward Feronetti finished in third with 34 goals in 31 games, and the 40 year-old American forward Horton had a remarkable (for his age) 31 goals in 26 games, proving himself to be one of the true greats of the game as he passed the 300 goal mark this season. Horton's contract expires soon, and it is very likely he will retire after 12 seasons played, and 317 goals scored in 371 games. 31 year-old Italian forward Manuel Raggi rounded out the top five as he scored 30 goals in 32 games with the Dublin Pub-Stalkers.

In the Italian league Mount Everest was conquered this season. With a record of 34-1-3 (103 points), the Brooklyn Posse claimed their second league championship, ending the fourteen year reign of ASU Venom, who finished in second at 33-2-3, a mere two points behind Brooklyn. This was all in spite of the fact that ASU and Brooklyn tied 1:1 in their first clash, and that Venom won 3:0 in their second. Venom also had a far better goal differential at +172, compared to Posse's +117. Third place was occupied by AC Bari Football Club, who finished at 32-2-4, five points back of first, and five ahead of the fourth place FC Italian Horns who finished 30-3-5. Rounding out the top five was Giulianova Atleticho who, finishing at 25-9-4, ended up being nineteen points back of first. ASU Venom's forwards occupied three of the top four slots on the scoring charts as new acquisition 28 year-old Italian forward Roberto Pisanu scored 43 goals in 32 games to finish first, and 30 year-old American Korbin Nadzam (long time Venom star) scored 30 goals in 32 games and ended up in second. AC Bari's 30 year-old American forward Ahmed Oke prevented the Venom hattrick on the scoring chart as he netted 28 goals in the same amount of games, two more goals in five less matches then 32 year-old home grown Venom forward Alfredo Antonini. In the fifth position was Posse's 34 year-old American forward Ramzi Widdowson who scored 25 goals in 23 games, and this season marked the second time in his nine year career that he made the top five, and the first time since season 10, when he was 28.

In the Argentinian league the FC Chaco Lions jumped all the way from sixteenth to being the league champions for the first time with a record of 27-4-7, finishing with 85 points, only one above last season's champions the Argentina Spartans, who finished at 25-9-4. Third place was held by the 21-9-8 argentina trojans, while fourth place went to Club Atletico Albinegro, with their record of 18-6-14 and their +5 goal differential on 41 goals scored with 36 allowed. The Season 13 champions of Argentina, the Legit Pimps, finished at 15-14-9 with a +17 goal differential to conclude the top five. Chico Puenzo of Liverpool pk lead the league in scoring with 22 goals in 38 games, he currently has four consecutive 20 goal seasons, with three different teams. Second place was a tie between Olindo Portanova of the trojans, and Izek Tizon of The misfits. Both players scored 21 goals, Portanova did it in 26 games, Tizon in 31. Fourth place was laid claim to by a teammate of Portanova's. The only 21 year-old David Moran scored 19 goals in 37 games to tie with Pato Puenzo of FC Chaco for fourth place.

Managers are becoming increasingly concerned with the apparent increase in violence in the modern game. In this just concluded season, and the one prior, several players have endured career ending injuries. Last year Trumble Rummell of the Dallas Dragons went down with his career ended by a an ankle injury, and Lonnie Glen of the Royal Pythons sustained a leg injury that ended his career as well. Not to mention the living legend in Rej Daniele at South Coast United Football Club. Daniele played ten seasons, nine with South Coast, and scored 247 career goals before going down with a knee injury that ended his career. South Coast's manager coolkid2121x put this down as a major reason for the club's slide from first place in season 14 to sixth in season 15. This year the players may have been slightly less well known to the international community, but Minnesota Torpedoes FC fans will not forget how Max Bianchi had his career ended by a knee injury sustained as a result of a vicious sliding tackle by Alecko Evans in a 6:0 win over Football Club Beverly Hills. Nor will the Greensboro Football Club faithful forget how Lamario Taylor of FC NeTex tripped fan favorite Porter Stookey and ended his career as Greensboro endured a 1:0 loss. The managers of these clubs are concerned about the condition of the game, and they are not the only ones. Players and fans alike are becoming angry and at times slightly fearful, of the state of the modern game.